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Be a signature part of the Inaugural Children's Safety Village "Kids Got Talent" show on February 8th, 2020. Participate in the glamour, excitement and buzz of the first season of our "Kids Got Talent" show in the Bay of Quinte Region. Event will showcase the talents of young performers through music, dance, drama, etc.

Top 20 Finalists: 

 Ages 4-10:

  • Braelyn Bird
  • Charlotte Guan
  • Liam Slaunwhite
  • Isabella Guan
  • Georgia Uddenberg
  • Rory Young

Ages 11-16:

  • Eden Redding
  • Rylee Sweet-Clark
  • Claire Cooper
  • Deanna Smith
  • Karina Conolly
  • Vaylena Sauve
  • Kimmy Macfarlane & Jacob Vestervelt
  • Margaret Charles
  • Payton Denyes


  • Hunter vs. Wolfpack - Ontario Dance Academy
  • Moonlight Procrastination - Ontario Dance Academy
  • Racoon Paradise - Ontario Dance Academy
  • Lonely Day - The Wannabee's
  • You Will Be Found - Kai Evoy & Group

There will be one grand prize and three category prizes. Note: Any adult accompanying an entrant does not qualify for any prize.

Ages 4-10: Category Finalist – $100 Cash
Ages 11-16: Category Finalist – $100 Cash
Groups of 3 (max. of 10) – Category Finalist – $100 Cash
Grand Prize Winner – Overall Talent – separate from the Category Finalists –$500 Cash


All participates will receive a "Kids Got Talent Showcase Certificate" for their participation and a lovely gift bag. 

Ticket Sales: 

Purchase tickets from the Empire Theatre

$20 Adult - $10 Child (General Seating)


For the rules and regulations see "KGT Rules and Regulations" Page.

For sponsorship opportunities see "KGT Sponsorship Package" Page.